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Spruce Hollow Heavy Haul Services

It doesn't matter what size your piece of equipment is, we can get it there for you. We have the capability and expertise to move anything from the smallest skid steer to some of the largest air units, transformers, cranes, excavators, etc… as well as everything in between.

We offer our customers distinctive specialized light weight double drop and RGN (removable goose neck) trailers, with axle combinations ranging from 5 – 15 axles, capable of handling up to 200,000 lbs.

We also have DSR (drop side rail), expandable double drop and RGN up to 52 feet in the well, Rail and steering trailers . Along with our specialized equipment trailers.

We are a Canadian and USA bonded carrier that transports overweight, over-dimensional and heavy haul across Western Canada and the Western Unites States. We take pride in meeting all your heavy haul needs by having highly trained and experienced drivers and knowledgeable office staff that will provide you with reliable and dependable service.

With Spruce Hollow being a Customs bonded carrier in Canada and the U.S.A. we work closely on a weekly basis and have a good relationship with the various shipping ports in Vancouver BC, Seattle WA and Tacoma WA.

With our qualified and experienced drivers, knowledgeable office staff we can handle any of your over dimensional / Heavy Haul freight requirements.

We are a “full service” heavy haul company Spruce Hollow makes all the arrangements necessary for the successful transport of your freight.

  • Breakbulk
  • Project Cargo
  • Permits
  • Provincial & State Approvals
  • Route Surveys
  • Engineering
  • Pilot Cars
  • High Pole Escorts
  • Police Escorts
  • Utility Crews
  • Traffic Management Plans

And any other necessary requirements to conduct a safe, efficient and professional move. Spruce Hollow has the expertise and experience to cover your needs and safely move all your over-dimensional and Heavy Haul freight needs.

CAT Seaspan_2
airport tug2-min
Catoosa 1-min
John Deere with 24-min


Ian Stanley-Maddocks

Wajax Industries

"As the sales coordinator for the Hitachi product line at Wajax Industries, I was responsible for organizing transportation for much of our product (ranging from 3.5 to 850 tonnes) in Western Canada. My first call for moving anything was always to the folks at Spruce Hollow Heavy Haul Ltd.. The service they provided was outstanding. The main reasons I chose to work with Spruce Hollow are as follows:


if they said they could move a piece of equipment, it would be done. Once I provided the pick up and delivery information, I knew the job would be completed on time. I never had to call them to find out why a truck hadn’t arrived.

New Equipment

all Spruce Hollow’s equipment is new and in excellent condition. I never had to worry that one of their trucks would only make it half way

Quality Drivers

All of Spruce Hollow’s drivers were polite and professional. They took excellent care of our product and I knew I would never have complaints from our customers about poor service.


 when I booked a load with Spruce Hollow I always knew I was getting a fair rate. The price I was quoted was always the price I was invoiced; there were no additional fees (fuel surcharges, load/unload fees, scaling fees, permit fees, administration fees etc) that some trucking companies like to add. When I needed equipment moved in a rush, Spruce Hollow provided me with the same fair pricing, instead of adding a little extra because they knew I was desperate. If a job was done on an hourly rate, I knew the hours billed would be accurate and not ‘padded’. I also knew the equipment would be moved on their own trucks, not outsourced to a 3rd party.

The Little Things

fast invoicing, polite and friendly staff, quick call-back times, prompt quotes and no hiccups. All these small details, and many other, were taken care of.

I highly recommend using Spruce Hollow for any of your heavy haul requirements. In an industry filled with average firms, Spruce Hollow really stands out as a leader

Kathy Roller

Customer Service Port of Tacoma

"Working in the Port of Tacoma’s customer service department for 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with many trucking companies that all have had unique ways of coming to the Port and loading cargo. Spruce Hollow’s gang stands out over many of the other truckers as they seem to follow a professional rule of thumb. Not only are they prompt for their customers with pickups and deliveries they always come prepared and all are courteous and conscientious. Spruce Hollows office is efficient and organized which aides in the trucker’s smooth transitions. If problems do occur, they are dealt with quickly so as not to hold up their customers cargo. It is always a pleasure working with Spruce Hollow Haul Ltd.."

Reg Quiring

Q-Line Trucking Ltd

"Over the past number of years, we have had the privilege to work on a number of “projects’ with Spruce Hollow Heavy Haul. The knowledge, expertise and communication displayed from all their drivers and staff, have made all these experiences exceed our customer’s expectations. It has truly been a pleasure to work along side a company that understands the demands and requirements of moving “over-dimensional” and “heavy haul” freight."

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